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Sunday, March 19

Gias Playpen - Sorry for the SLOW updates... been housesitting

Sorry for the slow updates everyone. I was housesitting and never got the chance to update my blog.
Gia will make up for it though. Inside Gias' site you will find photos, videos, a forum, webcam chats and so much much more. Her photos are available to be downloaded as ZIP files, she loves to make videos and really enjoys giving you a show on her webcam. She also shows you outtake photos, candid photos and videos and more.

Gia is from Arizona and is 5'6. She loves sex high heels and her favorite color is pink. Her turn ons are when guys lick her nipples and bite them softly. She also loves having her stomach kissed and enjoys being watched.

I would love to watch her take all her clothes off and give me a show, wouldn't YOU????

Love Sugarnips!!


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